Summer Dressing

outfitTop: Vintage Bruce Springsteen Tee from One Teaspoon – $150.00 (here)
Cutoffs: DUKES from One Teaspoon (on sale) – $66.00 (here)
Hat: Staring At Stars Panama Hat from Urban Outfitters – $39.00 (here)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Everly Boot from Urban Outfitters – $195.00 (here)

Here is a little preview of how my summer dressing is going. Cutoffs, comfy tee, breezy boots, and a hat. I have been lusting over One Teaspoon’s cutoffs all summer long, but if you don’t want to pay the price check out your local thrift store you are bound to find some cute one of a kind cutoff shorts.
Tip: If you look closely, you will notice the bottom of these shorts are cut a little different than normal shorts are. This style is perfect for making your thighs seem slimier and longer. Aren’t we always looking for a way to look skinnier? Try it out, you’ll notice a difference!


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